Our Services

We employ proven and proprietary sense-making process across our services. We deliver customized software, analysis and intelligence-as-a-service, as well as on-premise systems to the clients.


When we do data collection, we are collecting proprietary & accurate data that make the difference. We are also able to collate, fuse and extract features from multi-format and type data.

Building a highly contextualized database, we partner the clients to translate data to knowledge. We don't pretend to know everything but we definitely can guide you along.

Data Collection

Leveraging our unique techniques and a network of in-house and associate data scientists, we employ a scientific approach to harvest and analyse your data.

Pattern discovery, uncovering unknowns, emerging trends and outliers - we help clients to anticipate risks and opportunities.

Data Mining and Analysis

With predictive modeling, knowable and potential scenarios are developed to facilitate real-time tracking and monitoring.

Anomaly detection, business rules and scoring engines are part of predictive modeling to enable timely decision making in prioritizing, optimization and responses.

Predictive Modeling

Role-based User interface and eXperience.

Our RbUX dashboard solutions are meticulously designed based on work processes and users' roles. We believe in delivering purposeful and delightful user experiences.

This includes feature-rich web and mobile-based solutions enabling users to be connected anytime, anywhere.