digital data flow through optical wire

The opportunity exists for organizations in every industry to unlock the power of iterative, big data discovery & analysis with new applications such as digital marketing optimization and social network analysis to improve their bottom line.

Business Discovery is not just the ability to analyze large volumes of data, but the ability to analyze more varieties of data by performing more complex analysis than is possible with more traditional technologies.

Over time, we believe big data may well become a new type of corporate asset that will cut across business units and function much as a powerful brand does, representing a key basis for competition.

If that’s right, companies need to start thinking in earnest about whether they are organized to exploit big data’s potential and to manage the threats it can pose.

Success will demand not only new skills but also new perspectives on how the era of big data could evolve—the widening circle of management practices it may affect and the foundation it represents for new, potentially disruptive business models.