Our Solutions

We make the clients' problems ours. We leverage our experience in solving complex military and technology problems to offer to the clients a holistic solution-ing approach that combines strategy, technology and implementation enabling.

Our clientele focus are government, defense, security, maritime, oil and gas.


With globalization, governments are facing increasingly complex and trans-boundary challenges. New and social media are proliferating information rapidly and accelerating citizens' reactions. Consequently, governments are increasingly caught with little advanced warning of black swan events.

How can we build a sense-making solution to minimize, stay vigilant and anticipatory to fundamental surprises?

Big Data For Government

The maritime domain is characterized by information and capability silos. With space-based sensors, rapid digitalizing of business processes and untapped sources, Big Data opportunities are aplenty from the sea to the coastal to the supply chain.

How can we exploit business and predictive analytics to enhance situation awareness for Coastal and Open Waters Security, Port Operations, Maritime Supply Chain, Fuel Optimization and Competitive Intelligence?

maritime analytics

Ship owners, managers and operators need to track their vessel closely vis-a-vis maritime security risks, emergency responses and seizing business opportunities, likewise for financial and insurance institutes.

How can these stakeholders appreciate contextual vessel tracking to make timely, cost effective and prudence decisions on vessel deployment and price setting?

Vessel Tracking

Governments and businesses are increasingly required to make swift and timely decisions regarding their businesses or in response to unforeseen crisis. They need real-time information/ updates to make and monitor business and response decisions.

How can government and businesses continue with their core business un-interrupted and still be able to monitor and track business operations and incidents persistently and effectively? Are there associated training and outsource models?

Crisis Management